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Please note:

  • The Cultural Venues Fund is for grants up to a maximum of £17,000 in any financial year or 5% of your organisations expenditure specific to arts, heritage, museum or cultural activity (whichever is lesser) based on your most recent set of audited accounts. Evidence of same will be required.
  • Only one successful application (regardless of amount) can be held by any organisation in the current 2019/20 financial year.
  • There is one round of funding in this financial year (2019/20)
  • The fund will cover Core Costs only. The core costs deemed eligible under this fund do not include hospitality, alcohol, salaries & wages, repayments of debts, retrospective grants or capital build expenditure.
  • Organisations currently in receipt of a Service Level Agreement from DCSDC for 2019/20 are not eligible to apply to this fund.
  • Successful applicants will have to complete any outstanding impact assessment reports before payment is released.

Cultural Venues Fund 2019-2020 - what we are looking for:

The Cultural Venues Fund Application Form is used to apply for annual financial support from Derry City and Strabane District Council (DCSDC).

The fund was established in recognition of the contribution that our cultural venues can make to communities, to the local economy and wider Government policy priorities.

The primary purpose of the fund is to support the core activities of cultural venues that meet the tourism, arts and culture priority outcomes identified in through community planning process.

The fund is open to cultural venues incurring ongoing year round core costs in the delivery of their arts and cultural programming.

There are two sections:

Section A - Online Registration and Pre-Assessment (mandatory - your application cannot be assessed unless this section is completed)

Section B - Online Application - please use the guidance notes and scoring matrix provided to help you complete the application as we require.

Who can apply for funding?

The following section outlines the eligibility criteria for the Cultural Venues Fund. Your organisation must meet all of the following criteria in order to be eligible for this fund.

Your organisation must:

  • Be an arts and cultural organisation. This means that your constitution or memorandum and articles of association (the document that governs how the organisation is run and its purpose) must state that arts, heritage, museum or culture is a primary objective of the organisation.
  • Be the owner/ lease holder (1 year minimum) of a public venue within the DCSDC area and in which the majority of your arts and cultural programming takes place. You will be required to submit evidence of same.
  • Be a legally constituted group and supply evidence of this (e.g. constitution or memorandum and articles of association).
  • Have ongoing year-round costs.
  • Have paid full-time staff (or a number of paid part-time staff that is equivalent to having at least one full-time member of staff) on its payroll throughout the year.
  • Have an operational and programming focus in the DCSDC area.
  • Be a not-for-profit organisation.
  • Have up-to-date annual and management accounts signed as agreed by the board or management committee and supply copies of same.
  • Hold a bank account in the organisation’s name and provide evidence of this.
  • Have a board or management committee.

When applying for funding:

Submission can be made online only.

However, if you have are unable to complete the online application form this information can be made available upon request in a number of formats including large print, Braille, PDF, audio formats (CD, MP3, DAISY) and minority languages. For further information on alternative formats please contact Tel 028 71 253253 text phone: 028 7137 6646 or e-mail

  • You may contact relevant Council Officers before completion of your Application.
  • Supporting Documentation is required for successful applications only. Any additional information provided will not be considered in the Assessment process.
  • Please keep a copy of your completed Application Form for your own reference.

Deadline for submission of applications

Applicants are reminded that the deadline for submission of applications is Friday 23rd November 2018 at 12 noon. Under no circumstances will an application be deemed eligible after the deadline.

Please note that all projects will be subject to a monitoring and evaluation process.

Please read all documentation carefully before submitting your application.

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