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Dear applicant,

As Chief Executive of Derry City and Strabane District Council I wish to thank you for seeking assistance for your project as part of the Grant Aid Programme 2018/19.

This programme aims to encourage access to and participation in community activity throughout the Council area.

As you may be aware Council has been proactively involved in producing both a Strategic Growth Plan and eight Local Growth Plans. These plans will shape the long term strategic direction of the City and District enhancing the delivery of public services and improving the well-being of citizens across the District. Our grant aid programmes will link directly to meeting the objectives, priorities and actions identified within the social pillar of the Strategic Growth Plan.

Council's Grant Aid process supports the concept of transparency, equality and accountability and with your ideas, will deliver a funding programme that builds upon the skills and innovative resources that are available to our local communities.

I would encourage all groups to avail of this funding and look forward to this year’s Grant Aid Programme making a substantial and worthwhile commitment to enhancing our community, which has 147,720 citizens covering an area of 1,342 square kilometres, that stretches from the Rivers Glenelly in the West to the Derg in the East, from the Strule in the South to the Foyle in the North.

Best wishes,
John Kelpie
Chief Executive

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