Community Support Fund 2019-2020
1. Background Information

Community Support Fund - Grants up to £4,000

Open and Closing Dates and Times
Current Status: Open
Opening Date/Time: Monday, 25th February 2019 at 10:00am
Closing Date/Time: Friday, 22nd March 2019 at 3:00pm

Please note: The Community Support Fund is for grants up to a maximum of £4,000.

  • There will be one round of funding in this financial year. (See Key Dates).
  • Groups must meet the Community Development Priorities.
  • Groups must apply to one particular District Electoral Area (DEA). If you are applying for core costs, you will apply to the particular DEA where your organisation is based. Applicants for project costs must indicate the DEA that at least 80% of the project beneficiaries are from.
  • The fund will cover both project costs and/or core costs (excluding salaries/wages) to a maximum of £4,000.
  • Groups may only submit one application.

Project costs definition: A project cost is directly related to a specific function based on need. It has a start and end date and can clearly demonstrate a specific function that is measurable by the use of defined, targeted outputs and success criteria.

Core costs definition: A core cost is any cost related to the day to day running of the organisation. It is a cost attached to the groups operating or maintenance function that cannot be attributed to a specific project.

All applications must meet the 60% threshold or above to be eligible for funding.

The Application Form is available upon request in a number of formats including Paper Format, Large Print, Braille, PDF, Audio Formats (CD, MP3, DAISY) and Minority Languages. For further information on alternative formats please contact: telephone (028) 7125 3253, text phone: (028) 7137 6646 or email:

Community Support Fund 2019/20 has a two stage process:

Section A - Online Registration and Pre-Assessment
Section B - Online Application

Who can apply for funding?

Constituted Voluntary Groups, Community Groups, etc., who operate with Community Development as their core objective.

Groups who have a project/service aligned within the Social Pillar of the Strategic Growth Plan Priorities (see Guidance Notes pages 6 & 7) and whose project/service will benefit residents in the Derry City and Strabane District Council area.

Please note: Sports Development projects/services are ineligible and will not be part of this process..

When applying for funding:

  • You may contact relevant Council Officers before completion of your Application.
  • Supporting Documentation is required for successful applications only. Any additional information provided will not be considered in the Assessment Process.
  • Please keep a copy of your completed Application Form for your own reference.

Deadline for submission of applications

If you are submitting your application in an alternative format you should send it to:

Community Support Fund 2019/20
Health and Community Directorate
Community Development Section
Derry City and Strabane District Council
98 Strand Road
Derry BT48 7NN


Community Support Fund 2019/20
Health and Community Directorate
Community Development Section
Derry City and Strabane District Council
47 Derry Road
Strabane BT82 8DY

Applicants are reminded that the deadline for submission of applications is 3:00pm on Friday, 22nd March 2019. Applicants are encouraged to submit their application early as this deadline is absolute. Please do not wait until near the closing time to submit your application. Under no circumstances will an application be deemed eligible after the 3:00 p.m. deadline.

Be aware of the speed of your internet connection, your system configuration and the volume of general web traffic that may impact on the time required to upload your application.

Derry City and Strabane District Council cannot accept responsibility for transmission delays. Your completed application must be received before the deadline.

Please note that all projects will be subject to a monitoring and evaluation process.

Please read all documentation carefully before submitting your application.

Remember: An official receipt must be obtained from a Council Official if the application is delivered by hand.

If posting, it is recommended that you do give due regard to delivery times specifically during holiday time including Bank Holidays to ensure that your application is delivered by the closing date.

Please take note of this before proceeding:
It would be beneficial if you were to print out and read the Application Questions, Guidance Notes and the Scoring Matrix in order for you to be well prepared to complete the online application.
I have read and understand this Background Information
2. Registration / Pre-assessment
To complete this section you must complete the Essential Details Form and both take and pass the Eligibility Check Questions.

This information is available upon request in a number of formats including Paper Format, Large Print, Braille, PDF, Audio Formats (CD, MP3, DAISY) and Minority Languages. For further information on alternative formats please contact: telephone (028) 7125 3253, text phone: (028) 7137 6646 or email:

If you are submitting your application in a paper format Council will only accept applications on a current 2019-20 Application Form for this round of funding and the application is subject to the same deadline as the online application. For further information contact: Noeleen Dawson, Community Development on (028) 7125 3253 Ext 8276.

Applicants must remain within the allocated maximum words stated in the Application Form questions. Please do not attach additional information to your application unless specifically requested on the form.

Essential Details Form

Please note: All fields marked with * are required.

Name of Group: *
Group Address and Postcode: *
Group Contact Telephone No.: *
Project / Service Title: *


Please note that all correspondence will be sent to the Main Contact Name and Address outlined below.

Main Contact Name: *
Contact Address and Postcode: *
(for all correspondence)
Contact Telephone No.: *
Contact Mobile No.:
E-mail Address: *
Confirm E-mail Address: *

Initial Eligibility Check

Applicants should note that if a Letter of Offer 'In Principle' is issued all the information below will be checked. Officers may contact your group, if required, for clarification when assessing your application. Furthermore, copies of all essential documentation must be provided by an agreed date before a formal Letter of Offer will be issued.

NI Charity Commission:

All community and voluntary organisations in Northern Ireland are now legally required to have registered with the NI Charity Commission.

Derry City and Strabane District Council would like to highlight to your group that you need to act now to begin a registration process. Please contact the Charity Commission on or tel: 02838320220 or for advice on what you need to do.

The law has changed in Northern Ireland. It is no longer optional for your group to choose to be a charity – it is compulsory. Not being registered at this time will not impact on this funding application for 2019/20 grant aid, so please do continue to apply, however to not register may mean that in coming years you will not be able to apply for Council funding. It may also prevent you from engaging in other fundraising activities and applications to other funders in the future.

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

Derry City and Strabane District Council will use the information you give us on the application form during assessment and for the life of any grant we award you to administer and analyse grants and for our own research.

We may give copies of this information to individuals and organisations we consult with when assessing applications, when monitoring grants and evaluating the impact of our funding programmes. These organisations may include accountants, external evaluators and other organisations or groups involved in delivering the project.

We may also share information with other government departments, organisations providing match funding and other organisations and individuals with a legitimate interest in applications and grants, or for the prevention or detection of fraud.

We might use the data you provide for our own research. We recognise the need to maintain the confidentiality of vulnerable groups and their details will not be made public in any way, except as required by law.

We will dispose of the information we hold when we no longer require it and in line with our Retention and Disposal policy.

For further information, please visit the Council’s web page at

Freedom of Information Act

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 gives members of the public the right to request any information that we hold, subject to certain exemptions that may apply. This includes information received from third parties, such as, although not limited to, grant applicants, grant holders and contractors.

If information is requested under the Freedom of Information Act we will release it, subject to exemptions; although we may consult with you first. If you think that information you are providing may be exempt from release if requested, you should let us know when you apply.

For further information please visit the Council’s web page at or the Information Commissioner’s Office at

Eligibility Check Questions

Before you can submit an application you must first complete the questions below to see if you are eligible. Only if you are eligible can you proceed to submit an application for funding.

Question Answer Outcome
A2.1 Has your project/service already been completed? Yes No
A2.2 Are you a Sports Organisation/Club/Group? Yes No
A2.3 Does your group have a Committee? Yes No
A2.4 Is your group a Constituted Group which adheres to the requirements of the governing document? Yes No
A2.5 Is your group a 'Non Profit Taking' group? Yes No
A2.6 Are your beneficiaries from the Derry City and Strabane District Council area? Yes No
A2.7 Does your group have up to date accounts duly certified by a qualified Accountant from one of the following accounting bodies: A.C.C.A or C.I.M.A or C.I.P.F.A. or I.C.A? Yes No
A2.8 Does your group have current Public Liability Insurance which will cover the project/service? Yes No
A2.9 Will your project/service involve working with children/young people or vulnerable adults? Yes No
A2.10 Will your project/service promote a primarily political or religious purpose? Yes No
A2.11 Could your project/service be considered the responsibility of another statutory agency? (e.g. statutory youth or education service; health service, etc.) Yes No
A2.12 Is your project/service committed to good relations, equal opportunities and Section 75 Legislation in terms of Policies and the delivery of services? Yes No
A2.13 Is any part of funding applied for going towards repayments of debts, retrospective grants or capital build expenditure? Yes No
A2.14 Does your application include funding salaries/wages? Yes No
A2.15 Is your project/service's primary objective to raise money for charity? Yes No
A2.16 Is your group registered with the NI Charity Commission? Yes No This question will not impact your eligibility to apply to the 2019/20 fund.
A2.17 Has your group uploaded your key documentation onto the Government Funding Database (GFD)? Yes No This question will not impact your eligibility to apply to the 2019/20 fund.

Applicant Authorisation

Please ensure you provide the correct information in the boxes below.

Current Chairperson: *
Date: *  

Current Secretary or Treasurer: *
Date: *  

Saving Data. Please wait...

3. Login / Create New Account
OK, so what do I do now? - Choose from the options directly below.

Existing Applicant Login Form

Have you previously registered and applied to If so enter your account login details in the form below.
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Password: *

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Forgotten your Password?

If you have an account with us but cannot remember your login password do not worry. Enter your email address in the textbox below and we will email your password to you.
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New Applicant Signup Form

If this is your first time applying through please register with us using the form below. Upon registering an Activation Code will be emailed to you. Upon receipt of this code you will be required to copy and paste this code into the 'Activate My Account' form below. Only when this is done will you then be able to proceed to make an application.
Well Done! You have registered successfully with An email has been sent to your email address containing an Activation Code. Please copy and paste this Activation code into the 'Activate My Account' form below.

Should you not receive the activation code please do not worry as accounts which are not activated are automatically activated by our system 5 minutes after registration. To access the application form you then just need to enter your Email Address and Password into the Existing Applicant Login Form above.
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Activate My Account Form

Enter the account activation code that was emailed to you into the textbox below to activate your account.
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4. Application Form
Congratulations you have reached the Application Form stage.
Please note: if you leave this page without having click on the Save Button you will lose your work. You can save the application as you complete it, by simply clicking on the 'Just Save' button. When you are ready to submit the Application to Derry City and Strabane District Coucil click on the 'Save and Submit' button.
Downloadable Documents: Guidance Notes Scoring Matrix

Application Form

Reference Number:  
Name of Group:
Amount Applied For:
Up to a Max £4,000
Project Start Date:
(on or after 1st April 2019)
Project End Date:
(on or before 31st March 2020)

QB1.0 Beneficiaries

QB1.1 Which District Electoral Area (DEA) are your beneficiaries from? (Please note at least 80% of the beneficiaries must come from this DEA. See Guidance Note 1 – Page 5)

QB2.0 Project/Service Details

QB2.1 Please outline in detail what the project/service is within the DEA you are applying to. See Guidance Note 2 Page 5 (300 words maximum). Maximum Score: 10pts.
Word Count: Words Remaining:
QB2.2 Please outline how Community Development is at the core of your project/service. See Guidance Note 2 - Page 5 (300 words maximum). Maximum Score: 15pts.
Word Count: Words Remaining:
QB2.3 Please outline how you will manage and deliver the project/service. See Guidance Note 2 - Page 5 (300 words maximum). Maximum Score: 5pts.
Word Count: Words Remaining:

QB3.0 Local Need

QB3.1 Please identify the local need for your project/service. See Guidance Note 3 - Page 6 (300 words maximum). Maximum Score: 20pts.
Word Count: Words Remaining:
QB3.2 Based on the need already identified please describe how your project/service will improve your local community or area. See Guidance Note 3 – Pages 6 (300 words maximum). Maximum Score: 10pts.
Word Count: Words Remaining:

QB4.0 Strategic Growth Plan

Derry City and Strabane District Council seek to promote and adhere to the Strategic Growth Plan Priorities which will enhance Civic Pride throughout the Council area:
QB4.1 Strategic Growth Plan

How will your project/service contribute to addressing the priorities/actions identified within the Social Pillar of the Strategic Growth Plan? Please detail how your project/service specifically targets a minimum of three of the priorities.

See Guidance Note 4 - Pages 6 & 7 (500 words maximum). Maximum Score: 30pts.
Word Count: Words Remaining:

QB5.0 Project / Service Costs:

QB5.1 How will the costs for the proposed project/service be broken down? Your answer should provide a detailed breakdown of exactly where the funding will be used. You must complete all sections of the table below. See Guidance Note 5 – Page 7. Maximum Score: 10pts

Please note: Any hospitality allocation must not exceed 25% of the total Council allocation.

Expenditure Details Breakdown of Costs (£) Total Costs (£) Amount Required from DCSDC (£) Who will fund the remainder
Totals:   £ £  
If the cost of the project/service outlined above is more than you have applied for from Council, have you identified the remainder of the funding you need in column 5?
Yes No
Amount Secured (£):
Amount Pending (£):

Thank you! Your Application was saved and has been submitted successfully to The Health and Community Directorate at Derry City and Strabane District Council.

Your Reference Number:

We will be in touch, when we have reviewed your application.

Good Luck with your Application!

Sincere Regards,

Community Support Fund,
Health and Community Directorate,
Community Development Section,
Derry City and Strabane District Council,
98 Strand Road,
Derry BT48 7NN.

Community Support Fund,
Health and Community Directorate,
Community Development Section,
Derry City and Strabane District Council,
47 Derry Road,
Strabane BT82 8DY