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The Community Festivals Fund Application Form is used to apply for financial support from Derry City and Strabane District Council.

The fund was established in recognition of the potential contribution that festivals can make to communities, to the local economy and wider Government policy priorities. The primary purpose of the community festivals fund is to improve the capacity of community festivals and make them less reliant on public funding. The fund enables community organisations to celebrate their cultural identity and to strengthen community relations.

Definition of a Community Festival

A community Festival is a series of events with a common theme and delivered within a defined time period. It is developed from within a community and should celebrate and positively promote what the community represents.

Community festivals are about participation, involvement and the creation of a sense of identity and are important in contributing to the social well-being of a community.

They must be initiated and led by a community organisation or a community led partnership. It is not enough to run a festival for a community, the community must play a strong part in the development and delivery of the festival and have ownership of it.

General Principles

This is a competitive scheme and applications will be determined on the basis of merit.

Applications to this scheme will be open to all festivals that can meet the core criteria of the scheme irrespective of whether they are established or emerging events.

Festivals will continue to be able to apply to other sources of public support.

All festivals must demonstrate their commitment to promoting social cohesion, social inclusion, equality of opportunity and good relations.

Festivals should contribute to the promotion of a positive image of Northern Ireland and organisers must take steps to avert anti-social behaviour.

Organisations in receipt of public funding must comply with all statutory obligations regarding the delivery of and access to their events.

Festival organisations will make every effort to increase capacity within the community through e.g. skills training and volunteering.

Festival organisations will be expected to make efforts to maximise income through ticket sales and sponsorship. They should develop a plan to improve their sustainability and reduce reliance on public funding.

It is a prime responsibility of Government to ensure the proper and efficient use of and the accountability of public monies. To this end, festivals will be required to provide relevant supporting information when applying for funding.

Festival organisations will be required to demonstrate the effectiveness and impact of their festival and that public funding is put to good use and shows a positive and measurable impact on the local community or economy.

Assessment Criteria

The following are the Community Festival/Events key criteria which align with the Council's strategy for improving social, economic and environmental wellbeing for all:

  • Promotes social inclusion and improving community relations
  • Has strong community participation
  • Provides opportunities for people to improve skills or receive training
  • Contributes to community regeneration
  • Provides opportunities for development - this includes capacity building, links with other organisations and diversity of activities
  • Attracts visitors to the area.
  • Demonstrate how it will complement and contribute to the existing calendar of events.
  • Maximises non-public sources of income (e.g. through commercial sponsorship, donations, ticket sales, advertising revenue, etc)
  • Demonstrates value for money.

These Guidance Notes explain how to complete the Application Form and who you can contact for additional help with your application.

How does the fund work?

  • There is one round of funding per financial year.
  • You can apply for grant aid from £1,000 up to a maximum of £5,000 (Lower Level) or from £5,001 to a maximum of £10,000 (Upper Level). 40% of the total budget will be allocated to support applications within the £5,000 application limit. If the number of applications does not reach the threshold score the additional budget will be reallocated into whichever tier has the shortfall of fund to meet all applications reaching minimum score.
  • The total grant amount can make up 100% of the total festival cost.
  • A threshold score of 50% must be reached in order to be eligible.
  • You can apply for any amount up to a maximum of £10,000 in any financial year. However, only one successful application (regardless of amount) can be held by any group in the current 2019/20 financial year.
  • The fund will cover both Project Costs and Core Costs. Core costs include heating, lighting and overheads. Please note equipment purchased must be clearly linked to the festival.
  • Your festival should be something that not only benefits your community but is aligned to the Community Festival Fund’s principles and criteria detailed above.
  • You will be required to submit a Festival Risk Assessment and a Festival Plan six weeks in advance of your event for consideration by the Derry City and Strabane District Council Safety Advisory Group.
  • You must also complete and provide all monitoring and evaluation requirements for previous years' grants before an allocation for a further festival will be considered.
  • The following are not eligible for funding:

    • Late submissions
    • Festivals that are not based in and/or do not directly benefit Derry City and Strabane District Council residents.
    • Festivals that have already taken place.
    • Festivals that promote a political or religious purpose.
    • Festivals were the applicant will have a personal financial benefit.
    • Festivals that improve or benefit privately owned land that has no public access.
    • Council will not fund alcohol costs.
    • Any hospitality allocation must not exceed 25% of the total Council allocation.
    • Costs that are not auditable (i.e. cash payments) will not be eligible for Council funding.
    • Council will not fund salaries.
    • Council will not fund towards repayments of debts, retrospective grants or capital build expenditure.
    • Council will not fund festivals with the primarily objective to raise money for charity.

    When applying for funding:

    Submission can be made online only.

    However, if you have are unable to complete the online application form this information can be made available upon request in a number of formats including large print, Braille, PDF, audio formats (CD, MP3, DAISY) and minority languages. For further information on alternative formats please contact Tel 028 71 253253 text phone: 028 7137 6646 or e-mail

    • You may contact relevant Council Officers before completion of your Application.
    • Supporting Documentation is required for successful applications only. Any additional information provided will not be considered in the Assessment process.
    • Please keep a copy of your completed Application Form for your own reference.

    Deadline for submission of applications

    Applicants are reminded that the deadline for submission of applications is Friday 23rd November 2018 @ 12 noon. Under no circumstances will an application be deemed eligible after the deadline.

    Please note that all projects will be subject to a monitoring and evaluation process.

    Please read all documentation carefully before submitting your application.

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